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Just as you honor your commitments, blinc honors its commitment to your beauty.  It’s not only our ethical belief, it’s why blinc was founded.

In 1999, there were many promises being made by beauty brands to give women the long, healthy lashes they were after – but they all seemed to come with a trade-off. For long wear hold, you had to endure a difficult and irritating removal process. In the pursuit of longer or fuller lashes, you’d have to make due with flaking, smudging and running. In this, the founders of blinc saw an opportunity, to make a promise they knew they could keep.

Through technological innovation, blinc introduced their game-changing, tube-forming mascara and delivered on a simple promise–life-resilient, long-wearing  cosmetics that remove with ease. It became the beauty standard that guides every blinc innovation and it’s the commitment blinc makes to the people who choose our products:  innovative formulas that hold strong, then remove in the blinc of an eye

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