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Each treatment starts with a one-on-one hair and scalp diagnosis. This step is designed to provide you with a personalized prescription. Then our universal scalp treatment that purifies, exfoliates, rebalances and stimulated at the root, will create the foundation for healthy and beautiful hair. 

We then transform your hair instantly with a luxurious oil treatment that will deliver hydration, nutrition, strength and shine back to your hair. This step is designed to address your specific hair concerns.

Then using our botanical, silicone-free shampoos gently wash away impurities while enhancing the integrity of the hair fibers and will rebalance the scalp and rejuvenate the hair.

To finish your luxurious treatment,  a personalized leave in treatment is used to lock in the targeted benefits of the treatment, and creates the ultimate beauty transformation. 

After your treatment we suggest not to use styling products in your blow out to fully feel and see the transformation. 

Hair Spa Treatments
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