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Meet Samantha, Your New Favorite Stylist at Tiny Bubbles Salon!


From a young age, Samantha was captivated by the vibrant, creative energy of the salon. Watching her mother get her hair done, she dreamt of becoming a hairstylist, eagerly anticipating the day she could create beauty and confidence for others.


Samantha's journey began with enthusiastic experimentation with friends and family, honing her skills and creativity. At 17, she took a significant step by starting an internship through her high school, diving headfirst into the beauty world she knew was her calling.


Since then, Samantha has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, mastering the latest techniques and trends. Her passion for hairstyling shines through in every cut, color, and style she creates.


As Samantha looks forward to an exciting career in the beauty field, she hopes to share her journey with you. Book your next hair appointment with Samantha and experience her unique blend of skill, creativity, and passion.


We can't wait to see you at Tiny Bubbles Salon!

Samantha Tipton

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