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DMKC Brush Cleaner (4oz)

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  • The Brush Cleaner was developed in direct response to the demands of professional makeup artists around the world, for a product that not only cleaned but sanitized as well. Our attitude is that a makeup brush is essentially a tool; and like any professional tool, should never compromise on quality. And as our brushes are made from real hair, the cleaner needs to be of an equal standard. We treat our own hair with high quality products that enhance its condition, so why not employ the same principles for a brush cleaner, to protect and improve in the same way?

    DMK Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner is the only non-flammable Brush Cleaner in the world which cleans, conditions, sanitizes, and promotes longevity with all make-up Brushes. It contains no harmful ingredients that will damage natural hair or synthetic fibers, yet it is strong enough to clean stubborn mascara, lipstick and other highly pigmented cosmetics that builds up on the brush.

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