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DMKC Wavy/ Bleanding Brush

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • The DMKC Premier Blending Powder Brush is also our finest brush. Designed to be used as a powder revoval brush or a bluch brush, this brush is made with a bronze handle. The hair in the brush is made from Raccoon. Raccoon hair is the finest bristle for Powder application or blush appliation because of its spring and durability.

    The hair is harvested and processed by our hair farm where the animals are well kept and are not harmed in any way in the harvesting processed. The hair is poocessed at the farm and also by the finest hair processors in the world who specialize in processing human hair for some of the finest human hair wigs.

    When you feel the DMKC Premier Blending Powder BrushMedium Powder Brush you notice a perfect balance in your hand for professional application and a luxury soft bristle you will not feel in any other brush.

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