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DMKC Correctors offer a range of ten specially formulated colors that act as correctors and neutralizers.

Rather than simply ‘cover up’ skin discolorations – the typical approach of ‘over-the-counter’ products – our correction colors work to neutralise all types of blemishes by manipulating how light reflects off the surface of the skin.

Clients need less make-up for perfect results!

RN1 "Muted Green" - Eliminates unwanted skin tone and excessive redness dur to acne, sunburn, and other red based dermatological skin.

RN2 Subtle Yellow/Green" - Is used for excessive redness removed or reduced.

BN1 A warmer orange-based color used to reduce excessive blueness

BN2 Darker orange-based colors to reduce excessive blueness on the skin. Excellent for men)


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