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Skin Therapy Treatments

Enzyme Therapy 

Enzyme Therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation, required for cellular regeneration.

Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aging skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.  


The first step in assessment is to determine what parts of your current routine are helping (or hurting) your skin health. Some products that are advertised as having skin benefits can actually be quite detrimental. We first determines if any part of your current routine needs to change.

In addition to evaluating your current skin care routine, our expert aesthetician will work with you to determine your skin health and beauty goals. We don’t want to make any recommendations that will not help you achieve your own personal beauty and health goals.

Once we have fully evaluated your current routine, we will ask what your biggest beauty and skin concerns are so we can better determine what solutions to pursue. We will ask you about facial concerns, including:

*Eye lines  *Acne  *Oily Skin  *Dehydrated Skin  *Aging  *Pigmentation  *Sagging Skin

After analyzing your facial skin, we will move on to body skin concerns. Tiny Bubbles Salon has possible solutions for the following:

*Scars  *Stretch Marks  *Cellulite  and More

The final step in your skin evaluation is for our esthetician to determine the best treatment plan to address your concerns, needs, and goals. Our skin experts are highly professional, and will only recommend services or skin care products that will help you to achieve what you want. Some of our more common service recommendations include:


 *Skin Rejuvenation  *Oxygen Enzyme Treatment  *Rp Revision Therapy  *Custom Facial Programs  *Peels 


The Signature Facial includes Pre exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy, Transdermal Infusion and massage.


The Muscle Banding Treatment provides breathtaking results. Desired by many for its instant tightening qualities, it is perfect for special occasions. The treatment is finished with a Transdermal Infusion which locks the integral nutrients into the skin.


The DANNÉ Muscle Banding treatments tighten, tone and firm the face and neck with visible results after just one treatment. 

Specialty Treatments

Specialty Treatments/ Peels are for exsisting clients that have had at least 2 Enzyme therapy treatmets before,  and have been using DMK home care, and want more advanced treatments. 



To address the multifaceted condition of hyperpigmentation, the treatment has been developed using a combination of skin brightening, melanin inhibiting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and skin strengthening ingredients. 

Used for pigmentation on the face, back of the hands, decollete or anywhere on the body.

Any successful pigmentation revision will require a program and consistent use of the DMK Home Prescriptive products. There is no magic bullet in the revision of hyperpigmentation. 


Designed for acne and rosacea, this treatment increases healing, fights bacteria and encourages fast recovery. 



This is a professional skin brightening treatment to help you regain a lighter and even complexion with a healthy glow. Bihaku is also used to revise uneven skin tone, discoloration and all types of pigmentation problems.

Advance treatment:

A 10 day series for those need more advanced treatment.


Treatment for deep-seated congestion, where the compaction is trapped deep down in the sebaceous glands and hair shafts.


An advanced treatment program designed to accelerate results when working with very congested skin. This can also be done as a 12-week skin revision program for aging, wrinkles and sun damage. 


Helps to dislodge acne impaction, clear the pores and revises the texture of the skin. AlphaZyme can be used for many different skin conditions, such as open pores, sun damage and thickened, ageing skin.


An acne treatment created to help flush and eradicate deep congestion and redness. Also good for fragile capillares and red.


Follicuzyme is designed to effectively address bumps on the upper arm, ingrown hairs and folliculitis. Follicuzyme can be performed anywhere on the body for both men and women.

Seen typically as a red rash with bumps or white heads anywhere on the body.

All Enzyme Treatments Start at $200

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