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  • Color of the Youth Fountain

    blinc Eye Shadow Primer allows you to have crease-free shadow all day. In addition to superior hold, blinc's primer for eye shadow contains anti-aging ingredients that clinical studies have shown to decrease fine lines after just six weeks by 67% and increase skin's moisture after just one week by 53%.

    Our Eye Shadow Primer is designed to hold your eye shadow all day while providing skin with anti-aging benefits. 

    A small amount is enough to cover the eyelid with your finger or an eye primer brush. Our concealer Eyeshadow Primer provides a perfect cover and finish by camouflaging and filling fine lines and eliminating redness. All kinds of makeup can be superimposed for a color resistant to creases, burrs or soiling, even in cases of perspiration or bad weather.

    To remove, use a mild makeup remover.

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